Our publishing standards are aimed at bringing the readers of our works the highest level of enjoyment possible and the best qualitiy of book that a small publishing house can offer.
         Yesod Publications uses "traditional" concepts of fictional storytelling with a strong emphasis on the western concepts of morality, society, and government. We look for authors with a strong understanding of classical literature and a firm grasp on western philosophy in order to bring our readers works which emphasize the original ideals of our culture.
         The copyediting of each book is contracted out to editors who meet our standards, not just in the understanding of style, grammar, and composition but also in the concepts and goals this publishing house seeks to meet. We try to maintain a Flesch-Kincaid Ease of Reading level of between 60 and 70 in order to provide a modestly easy reading experience while maintaining a high school academic english level (8th-12th grade on the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level). This is done intentionally to allow our books to be enjoyed by the widest range of readers in both age and english skill.
         The physical quality of our books meets or exceeds industry standards. The printing companies we choose to produce our books are carefully selected in order to bring the best value and the highest quality to our customers. Our books are normally printed on 50 weight, white paper with a 30 psi pull weight. We use both digital and offset printing for the production of our books.
         We here at Yesod Publications are committed to bringing an even higher quality to our works as this publishing house grows. We will work to consistantly raise the level of excellence of our publications as we prosper.

—Greg Dubeau, Chief Editor.

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