Submissions to Yesod Publications for new works are currently not being accepted.
         Our submission guidelines, when we are accepting new manuscripts, are as follows:

         Yesod Publications primarily produces works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. However, we will consider works of other fictional genres if the story meets our standards. We are not interested in works that are less than 70,000 words, or works of poetry, short stories, or novellas. We will consider short story collections if, and only if, the short story collection is of a singular theme (like a series of stories about a war through the eyes of different persons in the conflict, again the entire collection must be at least 70,000 words total).

         Our guidelines for story content are exceptionally liberal in nature but not libertine. We are not interested in "non-Cambellian" Science Fiction, and any "transgressive" works will not even be considered for review. We do not publish religious works, though general religious themes are encouraged; we prefer a nondenominational or secular (indifferent) view towards religion. We do not publish anti-theistic works. Stories with an atheistic theme are welcome, but works which go out of the way to bash and/or attack deism or theism will not be considered for publication. Deistic works are always welcome provided the story is respectful of atheism and theism.

         We require that you send us a cover letter detailing the overall concept of your work and a disposable copy of the manuscript itself (please DO NOT send us the original copy). For the cover letter, you need to use a "hook" for your story that is short (no more than 250 words), clear, and captivating. Write the "hook" as if you were writing the book's description on the back cover or the inside leaf of the dust jacket. Include your name, address, phone number, and the number of words of your manuscript in the cover letter. We accept two forms of submissions: electronic and physical.

  • ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS: All electronic submissions must be made via email. First send us the query letter in the form of an email. We will review the query letter and determine whether we wish to see the manuscript. If we choose to have you submit your manuscript for review, we require that you send us each chapter of your work in separate files as attachments in one email. We accept PDF, Miscrosoft Word, and Corel Wordperfect documents. The digital documents must be formatted as follows: 1-inch margins on all sides, 12-point font size, New Times Roman or Arial font only, single-spaced, and with page numbers indicated at center bottom/footer on each page. File names must include title of book, chapter number, and title of chapter (example: 'My_First_Novel_Chapter_1_The_Begining').

  • PHYSICAL SUBMISSIONS: If you cannot send us a copy of your work via email, then use the following industry standard method to send us your manuscript via normal mail. The copy of the manuscript you send should be unbound and must be on computer-generated, letter-quality pages or photocopies of pages that are crisp and easily readable. The manuscript pages must be 8 1/2" x 11" on "copier" grade white paper, double-spaced, with at least 1" margins on all sides. Use only one side of the page, and number the pages of your work consecutively. Please include the title of your novel at the top of each page, preferably in the center. You can ship your manuscript via media mail; ask about media mail rates at your local post office.

         We do not return physical manuscripts sent to us; therefore, please be sure to send us ONLY A COPY and not the original. If your manuscript is not used, it will be destroyed via recycling.

         A literary agent is not required for submitting a manuscript. We prefer to work directly with our authors.

         We publish works by first-time novelists that have been edited to professional standards and adhere to the above guidelines. We also scout new authors from our online forums when their writing skill and quality meet our standards. We do not consider works that have been submitted to other publishers.

         Yesod Publications will contact you via email once we have recieved and reviewed your initial contact letter/email. If you sent us a physical copy of your work, we will need a self-addressed, stamped envelope sent with your cover letter and manuscript so that we may send return correspondence. Our editors may require up to four months or more to review a submitted manuscript to determine whether the work meets our critieria. If you sent your novel to us physically and would like to be sure that we received your manuscript, then kindly enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard with your manuscript and cover letter so that we can inform you when your novel has arrived.

         While you as the author of the manuscript do not have to register or copyright your work before publication, we prefer that you do obtain an unpublished copyright. There is no absolute garauntee that we will get your work when sent to us through the mail, and if it gets lost, it may end up in the hands of someone else. Therefore, as a precaution, we recommend that all works submitted have an unpublished copyright ($35.00 from the US copyright office). Should we choose to publish your book, we will help you obtain a published copyright in your name and register said copyright with the Library of Congress. We will also obtain an ISBN number and barcode for your work upon completion of the copyediting process if your work is accepted.

Contact Information:
         Greg Dubeau, Chief Editor.
         Yesod Publications llc
         P.O. Box 1269
         Brighton, Colorado 80601

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