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11-01-2010, 01:24 AM
Now that I've appropriately settled myself in, I'm now inserting myself in Fan Creation.

I've written several works, including short stories and poetry. Although I'm still working my way towards being a successful writer, I still hope you all enjoy these works of mine.

DISCLAIMER: These works may or may not have been published on other forums and websites. All of these are fanmade and no way are related to the creators. everything posted here is non-profitable, and I as the writer will not be making any profit from it because the franchise are the designated property of their respective companies and creators.

11-01-2010, 01:26 AM
Cerulean sunset is PG-14, please keep that in mind.

Chapter: Cerulean Sunsets

Series: Code Geass
Subtype: Code Geass: Lost Colors

Genre: Drama, romance, Fluff
Character(s): Rai~x~Kallen (Raikare)


He was happy, the feeling of loneliness finally escaping him. Leaving him with an emotion he hadn't felt for a very, very long time. He sustained a look of genuine glee and spirit, a smile etched across his pale features, silver hair stringing against his cheeks and onto the place of his current affection.

It had been at least a month now, that Japan has been freed. Political and government problems were handled by Zero-sama and Diethard, along with several others that were key members of the rebellion.

One of the highest standing members was lying right next to him now, the two of them grappled to one another. His left arm wrapped around her waist, and her right arm clinging onto the back of his head, pressing his face against her bosom.

--This wasn't perverse, Neither was it eccentric. Though it did make both of them flustered at first, they quickly settled in, smiles on their faces. A blanket cascaded their legs and hips, revealing their abdomen up. The room's fragrant smell lured both of them asleep.

The boy Rai, nodded his head upwards, brushing his skin against the unzipped portion of the girl's jumpsuit, feeling the softness, he radiated with quietness.

He had expected (hoped?) that she would be looking down at him, but her eyes were closed -- a peaceful breathing escaping from her periodically. It's peaceful thumping was nearly sublime, giving the Gekka pilot relief to know he wasn't alone anymore.

They had been like this for awhile in all honesty, and it was understandable from a long day of combat simulation, even the ace -- Kallen Kozuki -- Would be exhausted.

He didn't want to move, nor did he feel the need to.... He felt at peace, and no sooner did he rest his head on the exposed flesh of her breasts, he felt a warm, sensational feeling... Along with the echoing of a heartbeat. It's thumping was almost hypnotic to Rai, it drawing him to a welcomed peace called sleep.

Rai closed his eyes, possibly for the final time -- Geass flickering in his right eye, before finally dissipating. The power surged for a moment - reminding him of that fateful day at SAZ, where he expected to die in order to save the Japanese the infliction that was almost wrought on them. Yes... He felt the sleepy shroud wrap around him again, and he couldn't think of a better place to fall asleep.

"I'm home... Kallen..." he muttered, finally falling back asleep. As they slumbered with ardent and fulfilled smiles.

Both of them, Kallen and Rai - The Twin Guardians of The Knights


Chapter: Bushido

Series: Blazblue
Subtype: Character perspective

Genre: Poetry
[U]Character(s): Hakumen


All of these convoluted memories, converging to make 'me'.
I was like this at the start, borne to perform that deed.
I know my purpose:

I will be the one to bring the Black Beast to it's knees.

So as I slumber away in this void, unaware of time.
I wait to perform my purpose, to rid the world of it's heinous crimes.

Now, I end this rhyme and step up on stage.
Brandish my sword, and use it to make a new age.