Ok, so I have not posted in a LONG time and I thought I should tell you guys that I am not dead or anything (if you even remember me for that matter) But I digress.

I just recently got into visual novels and the occasional *Cough* Eroge *Cough*, and have found them to be quiet interesting to say the least. I don't know if it is me but some of them have left me a bit scarred about what I read and can only hand it to the producer and the team for creating such a drastic storyline that keeps me on edge.

One things for sure though, I never thought I would ever cross the line into reading visual novels but I really like them now since getting to know some of them from some of the anime I watch. I would recommend some people to play them. The one I URGE people to play is Katawa Shoujo which is a free visual novel that can be downloaded form Four Leaf's website or just downloading it anywhere since it is free.

And sorry Prime if this sounds to be like I am advertising something, 'cause I really don't mean to, but I just had to get this out there for people to know.